Musings on AI

An attempt to organize my understanding of the transformation we are living through.

- - -

The Landscape

Complex, nuanced, multidimensional, and rapidly changing. Re-injected into the zeitgist by OpenAI's chatGPT. Powered by the concept of the large language model (LLM), the transformer, and a steadfast commitment of AI researchers to push the field of AI forward since it's birth in 1956. The ongoing debate on how to best respond to these new breakthroughs could be defined as a continuum between the points that Mark Andreesson's AI Will Save the World and Tristan Harris's The AI Dilemma are attempting to make. My hope in chronicling my learning journey in this form is to create a space where you can learn, explore, and form your own opinon on the topic. I believe the stakes are high and am comitted to actively engaging, learning, and participating instead of surrendering as a bystander. I am far from an expert so please reach out if something I've shared here is innacurate, dated, or misleading.

Useful Resources

A collection of links to external resources that I have found helpful in attempting to wrap my head around this space

My AI Playground

A few examples of AI powered tools that I've built

Cairns along a personal AI trail

Waypoints that I've noticed along my personal journey of trying to keep my bearings in this rapidly changing landscape

Personal Reading List

Things I want to read or review in more detail